Get to know me♥

                                      Hi everyone!

I`m  fourteen-year-old girl called Maria  from Porvoo, Finland. Porvoo lies near the coast in the southern Finland.  It`s such a beautiful town. I go in Pääskytien koulu in Peippola. That´s a part of Porvoo.

At the moment I don’t have any hobbies but I like so much to travel and do all kinds of sports! I also like to sing and do hand works.

I chose this course because I want to learn more about food and english. In the spare time I like so much to cook and speak english. I have been and i´m still  so interested in english and in the future it´s not gonna change. I like so much to  communicate with  persons all around the world. We had four au pairs in our home for a two years and that time was really inspiring. I will travel and enjoy my future with using my english skill. Can´t wait!  But food is almost  as important as english to me so I´m so excited about that too.

It´s so cool to work together with you there in Sweden. I can´t wait to do this together and I hope so that we will meet in the future!

With the best greetings Maria♥





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