Week in Sweden

Hello! Long time no see but now I’m back here and ready to write a new post.So last week we went again to Sweden for a week. We had an awesome time there with my friends and teachers. Now I’m going to write a diary about our trip. Let’s get started!

Monday 29.2

On Monday I woke up around 8.00 am and I started to get ready for the day. it was really exciting to woke up, the day was finally here. I did my last packing things and then we packed the car. We picked up Edit and Ada and then we drove to the airport. There we met the other student and teachers. We did some shopping already there and took some photos, of course. The flight went really well and when we landed to Copenhagen we went to eat. After that we took the train to Vinslöv. Some of the students and all the teachers stayed in Hässleholm so six of us continued the trip to Vinslöv. There we met our hosts for the first time, it was ready exciting! This night we went to Kielo’s place to spent the night. It was really nice and we played some games. In the evening I also went to Frida’s dance lesson.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Tuesday 1.3

When I had woken up I got ready. We at breakfast and went to the school for a few hours. We had for example P.E and we danced all together, it was quite fun. After the lunch we walked to the railway station and picked a train to Hässleholm. There we had a city rally and  we had such a good time together. Then we did some shopping and went to a cafe to waste our time. In the evening we met in the school and we ate pizzas and watched a movie. That was really fun! After that we went to Alice’s and Pinja’s place to spent the night.


Wednesday 2.3 

In the morning we went to the school. We stayed there until the lunch and after that we all, included also the Swedish people, we went to railway station. We went to Kristianstad by train and it took a few minutes. First we went to a nature museum and we stayed there for an hour. Then we did some shopping in the city and spent the time together. We also went to eat and we had such a good time. We took a train back to Vinslöv and we went to spent the night to our place. It was one of the best night we had there. So much fun! We played some games together and sang karaoke.


Thursday 3.3

This day we stayed in the school for the whole day. We got a few laptops to do our homework and the blog. After the school we went to Kielo’s place with Frida. After a few hours Tova’s dad drove us to the bowling center. It was so much fun after I understood how to bowl. The last time when I went bowling was long time ago so that’s why it was quite hard in the beginning. Then we ate some food and it was so delicious. So good, can’t even tell! In the night we went to Emma’s place. We danced together and sang some karaoke as every other night. So much fun!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Friday 4.4

The last day, no way. The week went so fast. First we went to the school as every day and we stayed there for the whole day. Then we went to Kielo’s place with Frida. Then Tova’s dad drove us again to the railway station. Then we had to say goodbye and we took the train to Hässleholm. There we did some last shopping and take some photos together. Then we took another train to Copenhagen, to the airport. Around 20.10 pm our flight took off from Copenhagen and we flew to Helsinki. It was really nice to got home after a long week although it was an awesome one. I have to thank our teachers and students in Finland and Sweden for making this trip impossible. See you guys very soon! Miss you already!



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