Cafe Klockan♥


So today after the school I took a bus to the old town of the Porvoo. We got a homework, where we had to make a post about a cafe here in Finland, Porvoo. I thought that it was so fun idea so I decided that it would be nice to make it about the one cafe in the old town. There’s so beautiful and peaceful, I recommend♥  So I went to the cafe called Klockan. I asked if I could take some photos and ask some questions. I also took some cake and juice, yummy♥ This cafe wasn’t that old but it had made to look like it’s old. I like that kind of  house decor♥ It’s so relaxing and cozy♥ Love that! The cafe Klockan sold everything that you can ask from a cafe. Desserts, homemade juices and ice cream, delicacies, vines, also some food meals like steaks, more delicacies, filled sandwiches, homemade breads… Oh goosh, I could do this list for a longer time..

uusi1 uusi2

Some pictures to see the view of the old town♥ Very beautiful as you can tell♥ There’s quite many shops to visit, cafes, restaurant, attractions… So I definitely recommend to visit the old town if you ever have an option♥


Cafe Klockan♥

  • Describe the Cafe Klockan in three words♥

comfortable, friendly and tasty.

What is the best sold dessert in this cafe?♥

I’ll say the doughnuts.

What is your secret of the tasty desserts and delicacies?♥

Everything is homemade and we make the desserts with love.

How it feels to work here?♥

I enjoy to work here so much. You meet new people and you can do what you love to do.

What kind of customers you usually have here?♥

In the winter time usually locals, but now when the summer is coming we usually have many tourists.




The decor of the cafe looked so nice♥ It was full of little details and also the some big ones. There was so nice to just sit down, enjoy your cage and dessert, look around, maybe read some magazines… I just love to have some relaxing moments especially when you have so many things to do, like I just have. Luckily I have only one test before the summer holiday. Can’t wait♥ And also the next week is going to be so fun and I have a lot things to do♥


So what you think about this post? Let me know in the comments and we will see in the next post! See you!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥




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