Kuukausi: Touko 2015

Cafe Klockan♥


So today after the school I took a bus to the old town of the Porvoo. We got a homework, where we had to make a post about a cafe here in Finland, Porvoo. I thought that it was so fun idea so I decided that it would be nice to make it about the one cafe in the old town. There’s so beautiful and peaceful, I recommend♥  So I went to the cafe called Klockan. I asked if I could take some photos and ask some questions. I also took some cake and juice, yummy♥ This cafe wasn’t that old but it had made to look like it’s old. I like that kind of  house decor♥ It’s so relaxing and cozy♥ Love that! The cafe Klockan sold everything that you can ask from a cafe. Desserts, homemade juices and ice cream, delicacies, vines, also some food meals like steaks, more delicacies, filled sandwiches, homemade breads… Oh goosh, I could do this list for a longer time..

uusi1 uusi2

Some pictures to see the view of the old town♥ Very beautiful as you can tell♥ There’s quite many shops to visit, cafes, restaurant, attractions… So I definitely recommend to visit the old town if you ever have an option♥


Cafe Klockan♥

  • Describe the Cafe Klockan in three words♥

comfortable, friendly and tasty.

What is the best sold dessert in this cafe?♥

I’ll say the doughnuts.

What is your secret of the tasty desserts and delicacies?♥

Everything is homemade and we make the desserts with love.

How it feels to work here?♥

I enjoy to work here so much. You meet new people and you can do what you love to do.

What kind of customers you usually have here?♥

In the winter time usually locals, but now when the summer is coming we usually have many tourists.




The decor of the cafe looked so nice♥ It was full of little details and also the some big ones. There was so nice to just sit down, enjoy your cage and dessert, look around, maybe read some magazines… I just love to have some relaxing moments especially when you have so many things to do, like I just have. Luckily I have only one test before the summer holiday. Can’t wait♥ And also the next week is going to be so fun and I have a lot things to do♥


So what you think about this post? Let me know in the comments and we will see in the next post! See you!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥


Mother’s Day Cake♥


This Sunday I decided to surprise my mommy because it was the mother’s day♥ I made an amazing tasting cake to my mom. It was so GOOD! I think that it’s one of the best things that I have ever baked but also on of the hardest. It’s not that hard as it maybe looks like, you just have to focus on what you are doing and do it in the best way that you could. That’s how you can surprise your family member, friend or someone else on a celebrate day. This is just an amazing idea how to surprise someone if you don’t have any other ideas which you could make. But noow, let’s just hop into the post..♥



Mother’s Day Cake♥

What you will need:

Base of the cake:

– Five eggs

– 3 deciliter of sugar

– 3 deciliter of flour

– 2 teaspoon of baking powder

Between the layers:

– 4 deciliter of milk

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar


– 1 jar of strawberry jam

– 3 bananas

– 2 deciliter of whipped cream

– 2 tablespoon of sugar

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

Butterscotch topping:

– 2 deciliter of whipped cream

– 1 deciliter of brown sugar

– 1/2 deciliter of sugar

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

– 25 grams of butter/margarine

To the edges:

– 5 deciliter of whipping cream

– 1/2 deciliter of sugar

– 2 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

1. Broke the eggs to the bowl and add the sugar.


2. Whip the mixture until you have a white and airy mixture.

3. Mix the flour and the baking powder together in an another bowl.


4. Add the flour mixture to the egg-sugar mixture very carefully. Mix and be sure that you are doing it very gently. You don’t want to brake the airiness of the mixture.


5. Melt the butter and grease the cake mold with the butter. Add some breadcrumbs if you would like to.

6. Add the mixture to the cake mold and bake it in the oven for like one hour or until the cake have got a gold-brown cover and it comes out from the mold. The oven should be 150 degrees warm.

7. When you have got the cake from the oven let it cool for a few minutes. Then cut the cake’s base to three layers.

.8 Fill the washed cake mold with some cellophane.

9. Mix the milk and the vanilla sugar together.

10. Put the top layer of the cake (the flat layer) to the mold upside down. Add some milk-vanilla sugar mixture so it’s not going to be dry.

11. Whip the whipping cream and spice it with the sugar and the vanilla sugar.

12. Mush the bananas.

13. Add the strawberry jam, whipped cream and the banana mush to top of the first cake layer. Put the next layer to top of the filled layer. Do the same step you already did to the first layer. Put the last layer of the cake. Let it stay in the fridge for a few hours.


14. Put the filled cake base an a serving plate. Be sure that the flat side of the cake is showing out.

15. Put the whipping cream, sugar, the brown sugar and the vanilla sugar to a sauce pan. Cook the mixture in a mild temperature for a fifteen minutes or until it’s getting sticky. remember to mix it all the time.

16. Add the butter to the butterscotch so it gets a shiny look.

17. Poor the butterscotch to the top of the cake.


18. Mix the whipped cream to the edges. Spice it with the sugar and the vanilla sugar.

19. Add the cream to the edges and decorate the cake anyway you would like to.


Yep, That’s all!♥ I hope so that you likes this post! Please comment down below and let me know what you thought about this post♥ See you in the next post! Enjoy the spring and the upcoming summer!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥