Finnish Rosetti♥

Hey you!

What’s up? I’m not doing that well at the moment and I’m writing this post at home with only one hand on working. It’s a long story so let’s just get into this post. So, last week we made some Finnish traditional delicacy called ”rosetti”. It’s actually very famous at the moment because it’s one of the delicacy we make here in Finland in the spring time. Here in Finland we spent a holiday which has named ”vappu”. That’s the time of the year when we celebrate  the spring, upcoming summer and also the students which graduate in the spring. The whole country celebrate ”vappu” and it’s also a day off from the schools. But now, let’s just get into the post!

Finnish Rosetti♥

What you will need:

– 1 egg

– 3/4 deciliter of milk

– 3/4 deciliter of flour

– a pinch of salt

For the frying:

– oil


– icing sugar and vanilla sugar


1. Mix the egg in the boil when it’s all broken. Add the milk and mix until you have a smooth mixture.

2. Add the flour and salt. Mix it all together when it’s all smooth and silk.


3. Heat the oil in the cauldron. WARNING! Be careful when you are working with the oil. The oil is so hot that it can burn you!

4. Heat the ”rosetti” iron in the oil for a few seconds. When you are done, remember to wait until  the extra oil have come out.

5. Dip the ”rosetti” iron in the dough mixture. Be sure that you don’t dip the whole iron in the mixture. When you can see the top of the iron, that’s enough.

6. Dip the ”rosetti” iron in the oil and let the dough fry in the oil. The ”rosetti” is done when it has got a brown-gold color.


7. Pick up the rosetti from the oil and let it dry on a paper towel. Heat the iron again in the oil and continue frying the other ”rosetti”s. Mix the dough mixture after a few fried ”rosetti” so it’s not getting sticky.

8. When you have fried the all ”rosetti”s add the topping, icing- and vanilla sugar.



So that’s all! It was quite hard to write with the one hand but I did it and that’s the most important thing! I hope so that you liked this photo and we will see in the next post! Enjoy the spring and remember to celebrate the ”vappu” carefully!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥




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