How are you guys doing? I’m doing absolutelly well.. Like one and half week ago at Easter holiday I went to Turkey with my dad and brother. I have already been in Turkey but I hadn’t ever visited those cities we did this time. I was so excited to visit those cities! It’s absolutelly a beutiful country! ūüíĖ The holiday was awesome!‚̧ I already miss those times‚̧

First we flew to Istanbul where we changed the fligt and in the mid day we were in Antalya‚̧ It was so warm and the weather was AWESOME! We also rented a car so it was so easy to drive around the cityūüĆě‚̧ So beautiful! If you ever have a chance to visit you totally should!‚̧‚̧ The old town was so so beautiful and if you are looking for a shopping area, you can also find that as well!ūüíł¬† Okay, I have to reveal that I MAYBE used too much money, haha! ‚ėļ



Our hotel was in the old part of Antalya and there was literally soo beautiful‚̧ There are so many place where to eat, spent the night, watch the view, take coffee… ‚̧¬† So much to do and see there!‚̧ I loved it‚̧
We also went to Alanya which is like 200 km far from Antalya. How I told we rented a car so it was so nice to drive along the beautiful coast‚̧ Alanya is quite more like tourist place than Antalya. We saw quite many people¬† from here,¬† Scandinavia. You can also tell from that the locals spoke some Scandinavian languages.¬† Yeah, we had such a nice conversations…



We visited the castle of the Alanya and we also drove up to the hills. So beautiful view‚̧ And I also did some shopping there, oops… There was also so many beaches with white sand and¬† ocean water‚̧ I can just imagine!‚̧ I miss that so much‚̧


Yeah, some top points of our trip. Hopefully you liked this post‚̧ Please comment if you prefer this kind of posts so then I know to do those also in the future. See you in the next post, have a nice weekend!‚̧‚̧
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† With the best greetings Maria‚̧




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