Sweden 2015♥


Hey you!

9th of March:

We finally started our trip to Sweden with our teachers and the other students from Finland. We met each other at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport where we had a meet up. First we flew to Copenhagen and the flight went so fast and it was okay.


We stayed at Kastrup for a few hours and also ate till we took the train to Sweden, Hässleholm. I was quite nervous to meet my host for the first time but everything went well. After that we went to our host families and unpacked our staffs. That night we met at Ola’s place and we had such a good time together and we made a new friends!

10th of March:

This was our first day at the school with our hosts. The school was quite different from our school. It was so much bigger and we used our shoes inside. I prefer to use shoes inside so that was nice! The school was also very international like there was many students from other countries. I liked that!  We stayed there for a few hours untill we went to a guided tour around the Hässleholm.

wpid-20150310_144044.jpg It was so beautiful and also one of the warmest day there! First we took a tour in the country side and the view was so nice. All the trees, fields and  the lake… One of the best memories we made in Hässleholm♥




After that we met our hosts at the city and we spent our time visiting the shops. In the evening we were at Li’s place and we ordered some pizza and watched movies. We had such a good time together.

11th of March:

On Wednesday all of us took the train to Kristianstad where we spent our day together. We shopped, ate, laughed, visited the attractions etc. So much fun! The day was quite cold but that didn’t stopped us. If you would have an opportunity to visit Kristianstad I recommend to visit! It’s not that big but very beautiful and there’s a lot of things to do and see! At least for me ’cause I was the tourist! After a long day we took the train back to Hässleholm and we all went to our homes for a few hours. That night we spent at Elof’s place and it was so much fun together. All the nights were one of the best part in Hässleholm!

12th of March:

This day we had an usual day in school with our hosts. After that boring day at the school we went together to the town and we bought some souvenirs etc.


Also this night we met each other, tonight at Nadja’s place. We ate tacos and we had such a good time even though we were quite tired. It was our last night there so we enjoyed the night together as long as we stayed awake. All of us were so tired and it showed from the atmosphere! It wasn’t that loud and brisk than the other nights!  Overall it was very nice to be together!

13th of March:

This was our last day in Hässleholm. We went to the school for a few hours and we also ate there. After that we walked to the railway station with our hosts. There we made our last ”homework” and took our last photos together in Sweden . We said our goodbyes  and shared hugs. That wasn’t fun at all but luckily it wasn’t our last goodbyes. From Hässleholm we took the train to Copenhagen and from Copenhagen we flew back to Finland. From the airport we went our homes with our happy face and one experience richer (if you can say like that). Thank you all!♥ See you soon!♥


P.S. I have to thank our teachers and all the students making this trip possible! I will never forget our week in Hässleholm so thanks for that!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥




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