Karjalanpiirakka aka Rice pies♥


Today I’m going to introduce this native Finnish food piece. It’s called Karjalanpiirakka aka rice pies and it’s one of the most famous Finnish foods you can find. It’s a very traditional food and I bet,  every Finn has eaten it at least once in their life.


You make rice pie’s crust from rye and inside there is smooth boiled rice porridge. We serve rice pies usually with a mixture called ”munavoi” which is made from hard boiled eggs and butter. When you are looking for the best taste of rice pie I recommend to eat it with ”munavoi” and some toppings, for example ham, cheese, vegetables etc.


In the18th and 19th century rice pies had spread also to East-Finland and the first noted information about rice pies is from 1686. We have to thank those migrants who have left Karjala because that’s why it has spread to all around Finland and also to Sweden. It has been one of the most important things in the journey of rice pies. Rice pies  are well- known also in Northern-Russia.

So if you got interested in rice pies you can find more information on the Internet. You can also find some recipes to test like this and this .

I hope that you liked this post! This is something different from what I usually post so I really hope that you liked this post!♥ See you!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥

Photos from here & here!



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