Kuukausi: helmikuu 2015

Karjalanpiirakka aka Rice pies♥


Today I’m going to introduce this native Finnish food piece. It’s called Karjalanpiirakka aka rice pies and it’s one of the most famous Finnish foods you can find. It’s a very traditional food and I bet,  every Finn has eaten it at least once in their life.


You make rice pie’s crust from rye and inside there is smooth boiled rice porridge. We serve rice pies usually with a mixture called ”munavoi” which is made from hard boiled eggs and butter. When you are looking for the best taste of rice pie I recommend to eat it with ”munavoi” and some toppings, for example ham, cheese, vegetables etc.


In the18th and 19th century rice pies had spread also to East-Finland and the first noted information about rice pies is from 1686. We have to thank those migrants who have left Karjala because that’s why it has spread to all around Finland and also to Sweden. It has been one of the most important things in the journey of rice pies. Rice pies  are well- known also in Northern-Russia.

So if you got interested in rice pies you can find more information on the Internet. You can also find some recipes to test like this and this .

I hope that you liked this post! This is something different from what I usually post so I really hope that you liked this post!♥ See you!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥

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Chocolate muffins♥

Hey you!

Today I’m going to share this chocolate muffins recipe with you! It’s such a easy recipe and very delicious. I hope so that you like this and yeap, no longer talking! Let’s get into that♥

Chocolate muffins♥

What you will need:

– 2 eggs

– 1 1/2 deciliter of sugar

– 1 deciliter of milk

– 75 grams of butter (melted)

– 1 teaspon of vanilla sugar

– 1 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

– 2 deciliter of flour

– 1/2 deciliter of chocolate powder

– 1 chocolate bar (180g)

DSC_0002 DSC_0004

1. Whisk the eggs and sugar together until you have a stick foam. Add the milk, melted and cooled butter and all the dry ingredients which have already added together. Mix until you have a smooth mixture.


2.  Chop the chocolates you have chosen and add those to the mixture and mix hard.


3. Add the dough to the muffins casseroles but don’t fill them so full because they rise in the oven.

4. Heat your oven for 200 degrees warmBake the muffins in the oven for 15 minutes.


5. And now you have your own cooked muffins. If you have time and if you want you can also decorate those muffins. I was quite lazy so I didn’t.

That’s all for today and hope you like this post! See you in the next post!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥

Strawberry- yogurt ice cream♥


So how are you doing? I’m doing absolutely fine and everything is going good. Today’s recipe is going to be this very easy strawberry-yogurt ice cream dessert. It’s so so easy to make and I think you can absolutely make it right! It’s also very fast to make if you want fast something delicious!♥ So yeah, I’m not gonna talk anymore so let’s get started!

Strawberry-yogurt ice cream♥

What you will need:

– 4 deciliter of strawberry

– 1/2 deciliter of icing sugar

– 2 tablespoon of milk

– 1 desiliter of natural yogurt

So as you can realize you don’t need at least nothing special to make this dessert. All the ingredients are so ordinary and I think that you can find those things also from your house. But now, let me show how you can make that:

1. Smash your icy strawberries in your blender.

2. Add the sugar, milk and yogurt. Mix all the igredients in a bowl until it’s all mixed and you have a smooth mixture.


3. Put your mixture to the freezer and let it be there. You can mix few times the mixture when it’s in the freezer so you can have even smoother mixture.


4. Put your mixture to the serving dish and decorate your dessert in the way you like to.



With the best regards Maria♥