Hi there!♥

I’m sorry about that I haven’t been very active here but I’m doing my best to change that. It looks like better because I have quite many ideas for my new posts. I have to do a little fixing with the ideas and maybe then I can publish them. But yeah, I always have something to say first but now I’m going to go into the point of this post. Soo, I was on vacation for two weeks like one week ago, two days over one week. I decided to make a post about that, hope you like this post and let’s get into that! Btw thanks for Annika for the idea!♥


So first we flew to the NYC, New York. It was my first time there (but not the least..) and I have waited for that as long as i can remember. It was amazing!♥ All the skyscrapers and billboards♥ We came to the NYC at the night time so there was so bright and colorful because the lights of the skyscrapers and billboards. We wanted so hard to see the lights and the view above so we decided to visit the Empire State Building. Like give me a minute… It was so amazing♥ Like it was love at first sight♥ After we came down and got some time to breath we also visited the Time Square. Beautiful♥


Quality is my best friend…

Next day we woke up quite early. I realized that I had a little bit of fever but we thought that it’s not gonna matter. After the breakfast we took a subway to the lower Manhattan. It was quite foggy there so we needed to take a ferry to see the Statue Of  Liberty. It looked like what I have always thought. Beautiful♥ Then we found a pretty little park where we just chilled out for a while and took few pictures. One thing I have to say.. I was amazed at the way they live : Everybody was so kindly and friendly. It seemed like that everybody knows each other. That’s why because all of the people were so open and made each other to smile. I love it!♥



Then we just walked at Manhattan and checked out one of the most famous and interesting attractions for example NYSE= New York Stock Exchange, the memorial of the WTC towers, Central park etc.. It didn’t matter where you went because it was so beautiful and amazing everywhere ♥



That was all from the New York. In the same night we flew to Puerto Rico where we stayed for three nights after we took the Caribbean cruise. So at least we visited like five different countries for example the Virgin islands, Antique and Barbuda…  Every one of them was so gorgeous and full of things to see and to understand. If you want a post about that journey too  let me know in the comments♥ See you soon!♥

With the best greetings Maria♥

P.S. Sneak peek from the Caribbean♥





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